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Riverside Market Box is a Christchurch based company born out of the Riverside Market. We have a commitment to support the local vendors within the market to grow their brand awareness, turnover and profitability, and are proud to support the local growers and food producers that supply the merchants within the Riverside Market. We strive to use the freshest, in season, free-range products to create our Riverside Market Boxes.

In each of our Market Boxes you will receive a selection of fresh, healthy produce from the merchants in the Riverside Market, including fresh fish, free-range meats, a variety of vegetables and fruits fresh from the market, free-range eggs, freshly baked bread, specialty cheese, dry goods from The Mediterranean Food Company along with a Riverside Market treat from one of our artisan food producers. We will also include some recipe ideas from Riverside Kitchen that you are free to use or to be creative with rather than a regimented meal plan for the week. You can add special items to your Market Box with additional items from the Riverside Market vendors, and have the choice of a one-off, weekly or fortnightly subscription and delivery.

Our Merchants

Riverside Market Box merchants are from the Riverside Market in the centre of Christchurch.


Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables grown locally and stocked fresh each day.


Fish caught on our boats and delivered direct to the market - you can't get fresher than that!


Gourmet cuts, dry-cured products and handcrafted sausages feature in our boxes.


Locally baked artisan breads using long cold fermentation and no preservatives resulting in fresh and delicious breads.


New Zealand’s largest Italian specialty shop and are well known for high quality Mediterranean products.


Riverside Collective showcases locally made food, ingredients and fresh produce. From sauces and honey, to hemp bars and vegan cheeses, there is something for everyone!

Riverside Kitchen

The recipes for the boxes come from Riverside Kitchen, a culinary school based upstairs in the Riverside Market.

Charing Cross CheeseRY

A boutique business based on ethical farming principles and producing artisan sheep milk products.

Gift box coming soon

Coming soon with treats for special occasions from Riverside Market.


Ethical Farming

Our produce and food is fresh - straight from the grower, ocean, or merchant and into your Riverside Market Box. We only deliver free-range eggs, chicken and beef, free farmed pork and sustainably caught fish. Delivery day is every Tuesday.


Environmental friendly

Supporting local growers and small businesses by purchasing fresh, in season produce, meat, seafood, freshly baked goods and more from Riverside Market, our Riverside Market merchants work with growers and producers all over Canterbury to bring you the best quality products.

E N V I R O N M E N T A L L Y   F R I E N D L Y

we are committed to the environment

By purchasing from Riverside Market vendors, we are both supporting local growers and small businesses, and reducing our carbon footprint by minimising food packaging, waste and travel both for producers and purchasers of locally grown food.



1. ChoOse your Box

Select one of our Riverside Market Boxes of fresh, seasonal products from Riverside Market vendors. Order by Thursday for delivery the next Tuesday.

2. Add Extras

Customise your Riverside Market Box with optional extra special items from the Riverside Market Merchants.

3. deliverY to you

We deliver your Riverside Market Box fresh from the market each Tuesday.